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ShoeString® v3.05 is released! You can download the upgrade here.
You must have a previous version of ShoeString® installed in order to apply this upgrade.
What is ShoeString®?

ShoeString® is a program designed to help you do something that most people would
rather not do – keep a budget. Just hearing the word tends to make people cringe, even
when they know that they should be trying to do a better job of tracking what they are
doing with their finances.
Sound like you?
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To busy to try doing this?

Perhaps, like many, you would like to do a better job of keeping track of where your
financial resources are going, but can't seem to find the time to stay on top of the
updates. ShoeString® was written with this in mind.

Not something you want to do?

You might not want to be bothered with budgeting, or think that you don't have a need
for it. It might surprise you to find out that budgeting is something you are already doing!
ShoeString® is designed to run on a computer running Windows®, but it has been run on a Mac that has Play On Mac installed.